TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx
TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager - TechFlexx

TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager

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The TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager is a unique wireless and portable massaging tool like no other! It aims to relieve stress, increase blood flow and stimulate tired, aching muscles on the neck, back and shoulders.
Imagine being able to enjoy a neck or shoulder massage wherever you are right now? 

✔️ Coffee shop or Cafe

✔️ Car, Bus, Train or Plane; Whatever transportation you take, use your TechFlexx PRO Massager wherever you go!

✔️ On the lounge at home watching a movie or Netflix

✔️ At the beauty salon having a Mani/Pedi - why not have a Neck and Shoulder Massage too?

🌎 Wherever you want to be!

 What makes it special?

The TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager uses the "TENS" method of electrical massage stimulation that excites sensory nerves in muscles providing a soothing massage sensation. After just minutes, your muscles will be feeling warm and rejuvenated.
Contact-Free Massage - We bring the masseuse to you; enjoy a massage whenever you want, by yourself in any situation!
For BEST Use - Wet your neck with a damp towel and let the electrodes do their magic!


  • Relieve muscle pain, muscle fatigue and aching in the neck and shoulders (all types of bodies)
  • Stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the body
  • Reduce cervical pain and tension around the neck and shoulders
  • Can* improve sleep quality (dependent on the individual)


Unique Massage Experience - Using the latest developed electronic massage technology, the TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager simulates a real-life massage experience whenever, and wherever! This ultimate massage device relieves neck and shoulder muscle fatigue, increases blood flow through heated massage stimulation and can significantly improve sleep quality. 

Wireless, Portable and Lightweight - Only weighing .32lb (or 160g), light-weighted and elegant so it can fit in any handbag or backpack, to take on any adventure.

Long battery lifeThere is a built in, rechargeable lithium battery with a standard Micro USB connector. Charge lasts 2 hours, making it suitable for travel or home use.

Heated Massage Tech - The TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager equips heated massage technology which enhances muscle recovery and flexibility by increasing blood flow to the applied area. 

3 Different Modes with Easy Remote Operation - For personal massage preference, the device has 3 different massage modes as well as 15 pulse intensities to suit the purpose of the massage. 

  • Automatic Mode - This is the most common mode for relieving muscle tension/aches. This is most suitable for your daily 15 minute neck massage.
  • Soothing Mode - This mode effectively stimulates any muscle spasms or pain in the associated area. Soothing Mode is best for any aches or pain in the neck area.
  • Revitalizing Mode - This mode is used to increase or improve blood circulation to the affected area. The increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the muscles which helps rebuild and heal any injured/affected muscles. 

Sleek, Elegant and Stylish Design - The TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager adopts a sleek and stylish modern ergonomic design to suit all body shapes and sizes. 4-touch point design combined with a breathable and durable silicone neck support, makes this massaging tool a design and comfort masterpiece.  

 Product FAQ's

Q - Does the massager actually work?

A - Yes. The TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager has 15 different levels of comfort and relaxation. There is are multiple settings that can be used for whatever purpose you are massaging for. Automatic mode for your regular massage, soothing mode for any aches or pains and the Infrared heat function is primarily used for relieving stress and muscle tension as well as increasing blood to the muscles. 

Q - How long should I use the TechFlexx Pro massager for?

A - 15 minutes daily. No more, No less. This is proven to be the perfect amount of time for your neck and shoulders to feel soothed and rejuvenated. 

Q - Does the massage hurt?

A - It does not hurt. This is a massaging tool that rejuvenates and relaxes aching or strained muscles. For the optimal use of the massage, wet your neck slightly and let the electrodes do their work.

Q - How do I get the best out of the massager?

A - For the best massage experience, use a wet towel and dampen your neck/shoulder area. Ensure that your hair is away from your neck and in a bun (if necessary). Make sure that the electrode pulse pads are firmly touching the applied area and use the pulse action you desire. 

Q - When and Who should avoid using the TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager?

A - There are some health circumstances where we advise a strict non-use of this device: Please never use the device if you have any of these electronic medical devices:

> Heart pacemakers and other devices

> Artificial heart or lungs 

Electrocardiographs and other medical electronic devices 

> Please note DO NOT use the massager whilst charging

Product Specifications

  • Colour: White, Pink, Blue
  • Size: 142*138*60mm
  • Weigh: 160g
  • Material: ABS and 304 stainless steel
  • Charging Mode: USB
  • Voltages: DC5V; 1A; 5W
  • Lithium Battery: 1600mAh
  • Duration recommendations: 15 minutes / day 


Package Details

  • 1 x TechFlexx PRO Neck and Shoulder Massager 
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x User Manual


- Please note that due to COVID-19, we are experiencing shipping delays (14-21 days). Rest assured, we have product tracking and the team here at TechFlexx are available to answer any questions or concerns.

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